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Lachlan’s first hearing aids aged 7 weeks old

Awww, so great. Now that’s what technology is for. :)

This is nice.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Season 2 Promo “Rollercoaster Ride”.

It’s a scene from season one, but it was a great scene, so I’m posting it!

What if the season 4 finale of The Walking Dead played out in LEGO? It’s a question we’ve all had ever since we saw it, but now we have the answer, and as expected, it’s awesome!

Soundtrack of the Day: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

Okay, I normally only post orchestral scores for my ‘Soundtrack of the Day’ posts, but someone high on the cool-meter has decided to upload the entire Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack to YouTube, so who am I not to share something as awesome as that?

This is the ‘Deluxe” score, which contains all of Tyler Bates’ original score PLUS the songs from Star-Lord’s Awesome Mix Vol.1 tape.

I’m not a big fan of songs on soundtracks, but since the songs form a part of the GOTG storyline, this is going to be an exception. Plus, let’s face it, this collection of songs is about as good as you can get and will have you jigging around the room like a happy freak (assuming, of course, you have a bunch of bass-pumping wireless headphones).

Oh, and remember, this is free to listen to but shit like this gets taken down real quick if it doesn’t also contribute to sales, so if you love it, buy it.